Save money. Stay informed.
On everything you own.

Where’s the receipt? Can I get it cheaper? Can I still return it?
How does it work? Is there a recall notice? When does the warranty expire?
So much stuff. So many questions. Don’t worry, leave it to Regi.
The free personal mobile assistant that helps you get the most out of all your stuff.



Access user
guides &

Price drop
alerts for
cash back

Return &
deadline tracking

recall alerts
in realtime

claim virtual


Get your stuff
in shipshape

Store all your sales receipts and automatically sync online purchases. Enjoy instant access to user guides & how-to videos. See ya later coffee-stained file folder.

Enjoy purchase
peace of mind.

Get return and warranty date reminders before they expire so you know where you stand if something breaks. Plus, product recall alerts in real time, not weeks later.

Take the legwork
out of claims

Warranty claims can be a confusing and time consuming. Our virtual assistant reviews policy terms and can make inquiries on your behalf.