Warranty Wars: Google vs LG

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In this smartphone Warranty War we compared the LG V40 against the Google Pixel 3. Looking for the warranty information was more difficult to find for the LG phone; we had to spend some time tracking down a PDF of information.  Not surprisingly, Google’s online experience was much smoother sailing, with an easy to use website including links to find all the information you needed. Duration of coverage had a noticeable difference: LG offers an extra year of warranty, but only if you register with them (of course then subjecting yourself to all future love letters and email offers).

What isn’t included under warranty didn’t offer much differentiation between the two. LG doesn’t cover scratches and explicitly calls out the need to speak with them within 1 week of receiving your device (a little separation anxiety perhaps?). Both manufacturers qualify that refurbished parts can be used for warranty repair and/or replacement. Google is quick to point out their warranty coverage is only enforceable within Google walls (locations where the device is sold) and must be bought by Google or its authorized resellers. LG didn’t have the same specifications called out.

For customer service, LG offered more points of access, however Google has a cool callback feature so you don’t have to spend lose precious minutes of existence waiting on the phone. You can also get Google warranty service directly from Google Store.

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Warranty Wars: OnePlus vs Motorola

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In the second round of smartphone Warranty Wars, we pitted relative unknown OnePlus 6T against mobile veteran, Motorola Moto G6. In the first round of comparison, finding the coverage info was much easier with Motorola than OnePlus. (OnePlus buried their warranty coverage needle in a terms of sale haystack.) Duration of coverage was the status quo 1 year standard for both manufacturers, without any special extension incentives for signing up or registering.

When it came to the round of comparing what isn’t included the under warranty there was a clear winner. Motorola’s coverage was more comprehensive, with specific coverage callouts on battery, charger and accessories. In the other corner, OnePlus  was noticeably silent without mentioning specifics and calling attention to the fact that coverage only applied to authorized dealers. The customer service comparison was a relative draw between both mobile manufacturers, however Motorola does also offer Facebook messaging as well, which earned them an extra Zuckerberg thumbs up on ease of access.

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Warranty Wars: Samsung vs Apple

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we compare coverage of TWO SMARTPHONE heavyweights: Apple & Samsung.

How did their respective shining stars match up? Let’s just say they both went the distance. Easy to find? Yes, both warranty policies were just a few clicks away. Info-wise, Samsung has a couple nice bonuses: instructions on how to access the coverage directly within the phone as well as a nice overview summary. On the flip side, Apple has a search bar https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ where you simply punch in your serial number and tada…there’s your coverage.  (‘Jab-jab-body blow’ landed by Apple)

Duration of coverage is pretty status quo. Both manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty. The legalese for both is fairly straight forward (no Harvard Law degree required). What isn’t included under warranty is where we pay particularly close attention. Regi found that Apple does not appear to guarantee their battery except in case of a "defect in materials or workmanship". (Hmm, how will I know?) Samsung on the other hand, does not apply the same disclaimer. For customer service Samsung had more touch points of access, but Apple's larger retail presence is a bonus for those wanting to query/cry/complain/hug it out in person.

The 12-round decision in this bout is definitely a close call. Both brands offer similar access, coverage and support. For the warranty itself, we’re raising Samsung’s arm because the warranty coverage is more extensive and easier to access. But it’s a split decision win due to Apple Store’s in-person customer support; an ever-important factor for customers wanting to talk to people named Bob instead of bots named Bill.

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Feature Spotlight: Adding Sales Receipts

After you add a new product to Regi, swipe right to add your sales receipt.

That way, they’re always accessible when you need them. For online purchases, you can also add items automatically using RegiSync. It scans your email inbox for electronic sales receipts automatically and adds items to your MyStuff list.  Easy as that. Currently RegiSync works with online purchases from Best Buy, Amazon, Target and Home Depot with new retailers being added every month.

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Data Privacy & Protection

While some walls being built are filled with DEBATE & controversy

the one wall that shouldn’t be debated is the one that surrounds your personal data. With that in mind, some users have reached out to ask if we’re doing all of this in service of retailers & manufacturers. The answer is simple: We’re doing this for you. Regi is an independent company, passionately driven to help consumers get the most out of everything they own. We are not funded or owned by the merchants or manufacturers whose products we feature.

We take data security and privacy very seriously. If you every have any Qs, please reach out at feedback@regithat.com. OK, thanks for letting us get that off our chest. <Insert group hug here>

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First of all, we wanted to thank all our users for the great feedback & support.

We’re continuing to improve the Regi experience and add new features. Some people have asked us how they can share Regi with friends from inside the app, so we’re going to be introducing in-app share functionality very soon. Keep in mind you can already share items from inside Regi, if you’ve bought an item for someone else and you want to share it (example: gift giving). Plus, for everyone that downloads the Regi app during our open beta launch, we’re offering a free upgrade for a year to our premium version, RegiPro. This premium feature offers users 24/7 ‘always on’ alert protection on price drops, return date reminders and warranty expiry dates.  

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Say hello to 2019…and to Regi.

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Regi Open Beta Launched!

Just in time for the holidays. We’re very excited to launch open beta V1.0 of Regi!

introducing the free mobile personal assistant that helps you better manage all your important household purchases so you can get the most out of all your stuff.  Download the free app right here . This is the first time Regi will be used by the general public, so we appreciate your patience as we continuously update and improve the user experience and data tools.  Feedback? Reach us anytime at feedback@regithat.com.  

Thanks again for joining. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in 2019!

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