Warranty Wars: Google vs LG

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In this smartphone Warranty War we compared the LG V40 against the Google Pixel 3. Looking for the warranty information was more difficult to find for the LG phone; we had to spend some time tracking down a PDF of information.  Not surprisingly, Google’s online experience was much smoother sailing, with an easy to use website including links to find all the information you needed. Duration of coverage had a noticeable difference: LG offers an extra year of warranty, but only if you register with them (of course then subjecting yourself to all future love letters and email offers).

What isn’t included under warranty didn’t offer much differentiation between the two. LG doesn’t cover scratches and explicitly calls out the need to speak with them within 1 week of receiving your device (a little separation anxiety perhaps?). Both manufacturers qualify that refurbished parts can be used for warranty repair and/or replacement. Google is quick to point out their warranty coverage is only enforceable within Google walls (locations where the device is sold) and must be bought by Google or its authorized resellers. LG didn’t have the same specifications called out.

For customer service, LG offered more points of access, however Google has a cool callback feature so you don’t have to spend lose precious minutes of existence waiting on the phone. You can also get Google warranty service directly from Google Store.

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