Warranty Wars: OnePlus vs Motorola

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In the second round of smartphone Warranty Wars, we pitted relative unknown OnePlus 6T against mobile veteran, Motorola Moto G6. In the first round of comparison, finding the coverage info was much easier with Motorola than OnePlus. (OnePlus buried their warranty coverage needle in a terms of sale haystack.) Duration of coverage was the status quo 1 year standard for both manufacturers, without any special extension incentives for signing up or registering.

When it came to the round of comparing what isn’t included the under warranty there was a clear winner. Motorola’s coverage was more comprehensive, with specific coverage callouts on battery, charger and accessories. In the other corner, OnePlus  was noticeably silent without mentioning specifics and calling attention to the fact that coverage only applied to authorized dealers. The customer service comparison was a relative draw between both mobile manufacturers, however Motorola does also offer Facebook messaging as well, which earned them an extra Zuckerberg thumbs up on ease of access.

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