Warranty Wars: Samsung vs Apple

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we compare coverage of TWO SMARTPHONE heavyweights: Apple & Samsung.

How did their respective shining stars match up? Let’s just say they both went the distance. Easy to find? Yes, both warranty policies were just a few clicks away. Info-wise, Samsung has a couple nice bonuses: instructions on how to access the coverage directly within the phone as well as a nice overview summary. On the flip side, Apple has a search bar https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ where you simply punch in your serial number and tada…there’s your coverage.  (‘Jab-jab-body blow’ landed by Apple)

Duration of coverage is pretty status quo. Both manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty. The legalese for both is fairly straight forward (no Harvard Law degree required). What isn’t included under warranty is where we pay particularly close attention. Regi found that Apple does not appear to guarantee their battery except in case of a "defect in materials or workmanship". (Hmm, how will I know?) Samsung on the other hand, does not apply the same disclaimer. For customer service Samsung had more touch points of access, but Apple's larger retail presence is a bonus for those wanting to query/cry/complain/hug it out in person.

The 12-round decision in this bout is definitely a close call. Both brands offer similar access, coverage and support. For the warranty itself, we’re raising Samsung’s arm because the warranty coverage is more extensive and easier to access. But it’s a split decision win due to Apple Store’s in-person customer support; an ever-important factor for customers wanting to talk to people named Bob instead of bots named Bill.

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