Say hello to 2019…and to Regi.

The dust has settled from the holidays. You’ve amassed a bunch of great new stuff for yourself and your home.  Apple Macbook laptop. Google home assistant. Bose bluetooth speaker. And don’t forget that great new Patagonia Nano Puff jacket. (Who doesn’t love a little Nano Puff, right?).

Now that you’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted you may need a little help taking care of it all, right? Regi that.

Regi is the free personal mobile app that helps you better manage everything you own so you can get the most out of all your stuff.  So what does it do? Check out the how it works page of the website to see all the features. Then download the free Regi app to help you bring household harmony and peace of mind to everything you own.  You’ll instantly feel better and you didn’t even have to cut out carbs to do it.

Regi that,

The Regi Team